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Professor Layton character redesigns?! by alicenpai Professor Layton character redesigns?! by alicenpai
also on tumblr, with extra notes -->…

I'm still trying to get back into the groove of drawing, but with work 5 days a week and other things, it's difficult. I just hope that I have time for a full CG illustration at least sometime in the next two weeks @__@

copy + paste description from tumblr:

Look, I'm still alive! Here's some Professor Layton character (re)design studies! It was fun drawing in a more shape-oriented aesthetic, and interpreting the characters in a different way!

I didn't bother with characters that had more caricatured features (e.g. Dean Delmona, Goosey) because they would just look the same if I drew them. Rather, I took characters that have pretty ambiguous and/or similar features, and gave them varying features that suited their personality. It helps that my summer job includes drawing people. I still have a lot to learn about character design, but it's really fun!

although I've never really done anything like this, surprisingly the results came out well, I think? I try not to think of my drawings as "anime style" or "cartoon style" or any "style"! I just think of them as drawing. as long as you know the basics, you can experiment with your knowledge, combine concepts, and create things that are new!

- this is NOT meant to be 100% accurate to the original designs, or me claiming that they are law. it's just my personal interpretations of the characters.
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August 23, 2014
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